10 Social Media Predictions for 2015 from 10 Social Media CEOs

November 20, 2014

NOVEMBER 20, 2014 BY NEAL SCHAFFER   I began this year by publishing my social media predictions for 2014 focusing on six key trends that I saw (and continue to see) evolving: Employee Advocacy, Google Plus, Paid Social, Content, The Visual, and Mobile Personal. With the year coming to a close, it’s time to look ahead into […]

dotCEO Party 1

All will be revealed at ICANN 48

November 11, 2013

In under a week, 300 of the TLD community’s best and brightest will descend on the beautiful Madero Walk Eventos for our huge Minds + Machines and PeopleBrowsr Party. We can’t wait to see you there! The first 100 guests through the doors at 7pm will receive a free polo shirt. Around 8pm, Antony Van […]

Buenos Aires

Party Calendar Buenos Aires ICANN 48

November 4, 2013

Wow! Over 300 people have confirmed they’ll be partying with our team and Minds + Machines at Madero Walk Eventos. Thank you to everyone who’s already registered. We can’t wait to see you there! RSVP here if you haven’t already, and remember to tell your friends. There are many other parties also happening throughout the week. We […]

Collective Influence Thought Leaders @ Our SF Social Media Command Center May 11

May 10, 2011

This Wednesday we’re hosting a thought leader panel on the Collective Influence featuring…

Jeffrey W. Hayzlett, Best-Selling Author, Change Agent and former CMO, Kodak
Porter Gale, Vice President of Marketing, Virgin America
Elisa Steele, Chief Marketing Officer, Yahoo
Jodee Rich, CEO, PeopleBrowsr
Moderator: Irina Slutsky, West Coast Correspondent for AdAge

We’re excitedly preparing to host 200+ attendees for this event. If you haven’t yet registered, please do so by Wednesday afternoon http://pbcollectiveinfluence.eventbrite.com/

The topic will center on Collective Influence, calculating influence scores, social intelligence ROI, and industry best practices.

We’ll be accepting questions for our panelists from the Twitterversewith the hashtag #collectiveinfluence or #cltinf.

At the end of the discussion, you’ll have the opportunity for Q&A and we’ll be encouraging live tweeting and blogging throughout. Feel free to tweet us @PeopleBrowsr #CollectiveInfluence or #cltinf with questions prior to the event and during the evening.

The discussion will begin promptly at 6pm and will be approximately 1 hour in duration.

We’ll also have a delicious Sausage Sizzle BBQ on our back deck with cool refreshments from cold beer to imported wine

Looking forward to hearing this great panel of leaders and we hope that you’ll be able to join us on Twitter and in SoMa… and don’t forget to checkin when you arrive!

Also, check out the ReSearch.ly stream to post a question or search for conversations on the collective intelligence.

Building The Collective Intelligence At Our San Francisco Social Media Command Center

February 11, 2011

After weeks of searching the streets of San Francisco with real estate agents, we acquired a space in the hotspot of SoMa and signed a lease at 474 Bryant Street in early December. Over the past couple months we’ve experienced an enormous transformation. We’re on our way to creating an epicenter for Social Media in San Francisco, and will host weekly events soon to commence on our calendar. In addition to building a command center with cutting edge design and technology to house our innovative team, we’ve been building PeopleBrowsr in other ways with the launch of ReSearch.ly, releasing 1,000 days of data for social search, advocating the interest graph and introducing the Brand Champion Scorecard.

Adding to our Global SMCC rollout we have recently acquired another awesome space in NY,  partnered with the creative and innovative team at Digitial Collective and the ARF and participated in the forefront of thought at NewsFoo. Oh, and did we mention we’re hiring a world class team across the globe?

It has been anything but slow at PeopleBrowsr and we couldn’t be happier with our rate of growth. With much excitement, we officially opened the doors to our San Francisco Social Media Command Center on February 7th, 2010.  We were incredibly lucky to have Tim O’Reilly with us for our launch party, held at the beginning of Social Media Week SF.

The theme of the evening was The Evolution of Listening: From Monitoring to the Collective Intelligence. Brian Solis moderated an expert panel of thought leaders, which included Tim O’Reilly, Altimeter Group’s Susan Etlinger and Jodee Rich.

Thanks to blogger Renee Blodgett, videos from the evening can be seen here. You can also watch the panel here:

Jodee can also be seen in a short interview here:

So what do we mean by Collective Intelligence?
Jodee provided a very well presented answer on the fly during the panel by saying “This is the first time in human history that we’ve actually had collective memory written down… We’re seeing what real people are saying now and.. for it to become a collective intelligence, we need to process it in certain ways. And what’s extraordinary is that two or three years ago we did not have the computing power or the speed to be able to process 10K or 100k posts a second…by processing those posts very rapidly we’re turning the memory into an intelligence and intelligence means community, location, gender, people you know, links…”

As Tim O’Reilly later stated, as much computing power as we’ll have for insights and analysis, “The human is still the last mile.”

And as for listening and conversations online, O’Reilly put it very nicely when he said: “When a great company listens, they hear what people are really saying. And they think about what the thoughts of other people make them think.”

About 300 friends joined in to hear the discussion and celebrate our grand opening. Outside on our lovely deck, our food sponsor Magic Curry Kart served curry tacos, pumpkin curry soup and other amazing curries with rice. We also had Korean BBQ ribs from our beloved neighborhood restaurant, HRD Coffee Shop, delicious vanilla, strawberry and almond organic frozen yogurt, and chai lattes. Lest not forget the abundance of good wine and local beer, thanks to our sponsors Vintage Estate Wines and Bear Republic Brewery!

We’re so pleased with the turnout and the overwhelmingly positive response we’ve received from the community. A special thanks to Tom Foremski, Julie Blaustein and Daryl Pereira for writing wonderful blog posts on the event and for the awesome Tweets we’ve seen streaming all week!

And we love all the fun photographraphy, shot by Tim Williamson.

Thanks again to everyone who joined us on Monday and for your continued support.

And if you didn’t get a chance to meet the newest members of our San Francisco team, we’d like to introduce you here…

Jennifer Charlton, US Marketing Communications

Originally from the DC area, Jen landed in New York City for college, where she received a degree in Advertising & Marketing Communications from The Fashion Institute of Technology. Her passion for all things Marketing related began early while at FIT where she was Chapter President of PRSSA and founded a student-run PR firm. She also held many intern positions – including internships at JWT London and Morgan Stanley.  With a love for travel, Jen took a gap year to teach Business English to Fortune 500 companies in Shanghai. Once back in New York, Jen began a career in advertising with an independent creative agency – where she fell into digital, social media and tech. Embracing change, she relocated to the Bay Area last summer and has moved from the agency world into client-side Marketing Communications. She’s fascinated by linguistics, AI, the evolving state of public versus private data and is committed to creating a better social web. Fun facts about Jen include she lived in Paris for a year, plays piano, is teaching herself Python, restores furniture, sails, co-founded a non-profit event planning agency…  and absolutely loves urban exploration. You can find her @Jen_Charlton

Kjirstin Goranson, Marketing Communications Intern and Community Manager

Raised in the heart of wine country, Kjirstin (pronounced Cheer-stin) recently graduated from the University of Arizona this past May. While studying communication, business and Spanish at the UofA, she was an active member (and triple legacy) of the Sigma Kappa Sorority, holding positions as Initiation Chair, Party Favors Chair, & PR Chair. After completing an internship with Claire Communications in Sebastopol, Kjirstin joined the PeopleBrowsr team as Marketing Communications Intern. With the recent launch of the SF Command Center, she has been managing the building fitout and assisted in planning the Launch Party. While not working on the beautiful building, she is responsible for community engagement and management. Her cheerful energy and awesome sense of humor can liven up any crowd. As a fan of the San Francisco Giants, Kjirstin is ecstatic that AT&T Park is only a short 3 blocks from the office. On her free time, you can catch her on the soccer field or in the gym, baking, or hanging out with family & friends. Bear Down!

Breakfast of Champions: The Story Behind the Brand Champion Scorecard

February 2, 2011

They say some of the best ideas come at the most unexpected moments, inspired by our every day lives. Such was the case a few Sundays ago in Las Vegas during CES. Over a breakfast of chicken-fried steak and cantaloupe at a café in the Palms Resort, an idea struck between Jodee Rich, CEO of PeopleBrowsr, and Jeffrey Hayzlett, acclaimed author and former CMO of Kodak.

While the rest of the room was abuzz about consumer electronics, Hayzlett and Rich  – two people openly passionate about marketing and technology – naturally fell into a conversation surrounding brands on the social web.

It was Hayzlett – a self-proclaimed, sometimes cowboy, widely-known for his sparks of marketing genius – who mentioned he’d love to see how VIP influencers on Twitter are connected to each other and the brands they love to talk about. Rich quickly realized that Hayzlett was describing features of ReSearch.ly and the type of data visualization analysis PeopleBrowsr specializes in. As both understood they had stumbled upon a shared insight for something huge, breakfast turned into a brainstorming session and the Brand Champion Scorecard was conceived.

What followed was a rush of excitement to introduce the Scorecards to marketers, as Hayzlett had the perfect opportunity: The Digital Collective Leadership Summit CMO Dinner in Los Angeles, held on January 26. With 50 Top C-Level execs and chief marketers from the biggest brands and companies attending the dinner, it was the perfect chance to present the Scorecard.

Could 50 individually customized brand scorecards be created in the short span of 2 weeks? “Absolutely,” said Rich.

And the idea was simple, really, as most great ideas are. To run an analysis on brand mentions in influential Champion Communities on Twitter and deliver the data in a compelling way, by making it easy for marketers to understand.

PeopleBrowsr had the technology – through its game-changing product, ReSearch.ly, which allows extensive capabilities in real-time search with viral analytics and sentiment analysis to find target communities – in addition to a deep data mine with 1,000 days of conversations on Twitter. The next step was to customize searches for the top brands and to design a summary page to capture the wealth of data.

The Brand Champion Score Card was created to have three components that reveal:

Volume of brand mentions over a 1,000 day period, visualized in a graph that easily identifies spikes in conversations.

The brand’s Top 15 Champion Communities, identified based on key words and common interests in Twitter users’ profiles. Champions are defined as top VIP influencers who are talking about a brand.

The Champion Interest Graph, which shows groups of brand champions with the most friends talking about a brand shared between the brand’s top communities and top influencers.
The final product represents how customers and brand advocates are related to each other based on interests and key words used in their Twitter bios, with data visualized from 1,000 days of conversations.

Although PeopleBrowsr had the existing technological capabilities to create the Brand Champion Scorecard, it was impressive to see Rich, Hayzlett, and the team, finalize the project in 2 weeks. What began as a casual breakfast conversation had turned into a massive effort to deliver valuable data to marketers at the Digital Collective.

“Marketing leaders know the power of the right information and the Brand Champion Scorecard gives them the right information and insights,” said Hayzlett. “With every Tweet made available to PeopleBrowsr, companies also gain a time frame no one else can provide for giving social media discussions context.”

When Hayzlett introduced the Brand Champion Scorecard at the CMO dinner, it was an incredibly exciting and rewarding moment for us at PeopleBrowsr. We’re very pleased with the response from the community and we’re excited to be creating more individualized reports and Scorecards for brands.

The Digital Collective was a great launching pad for the Brand Champion Scorecards, and the conference was a well-presented and attended event. The team had a great time talking with marketers and enjoyed hearing from such speakers as Bonin Bough, Global Director of Digital & Social Media at PepsiCo, Greg Coleman, President & Chief Revenue Officer, The Huffington Post, and Sherri Gilligan, SVP, Marketing & Advertising MGM Resorts International.

To better illustrate the Scorecard presentation at the Digital Collective, we’d like to give you an inside look into a Brand Champion Scorecard we created for Adidas:

If you have any questions, or would like to learn more about the Brand Champion Scorecards, please feel free to reach out to the @PeopleBrowsr team. We love being inspired by marketers and inspiring marketers in return.

*A special thanks to the Jeffrey Hayzlett and the Digital Collective team.

News Foo and the Orwellian Inversion

December 28, 2010

Arizona State University, Phoenix – News Foo Camp, December 2010

The Inaugural News Foo Camp was predicted to be an inspiring ‘unconference’, with 150 friends of O’Reilly from the feilds of journalism, technology, and public policy coming together to share their vision on the future of news and tech. ‘Hosted’ by tech and publishing guru Tim O’Reilly, the impressive list of attendees included digital journalist Jody Brannon, foreign correspondent Wolfgang Blau and tech tracking wiz Amy Webb, to name a few.

Amid the social media noise regarding the spectacular lineup of NFC speakers, Twitter was buzzing about one very special presentation. PeopleBrowsr CEO Jodee Rich was poised to share his insights on:

@cuisineanxious The Future of News – An Orwellian Inversion http://slidesha.re/fsgBU8 #slideshare #media

We at PeopleBrowsr hope you enjoy our blog presentation of Jodee’s talk as much as the audience in Phoenix enjoyed learning from Jodee directly – and he from them also!

Reimagining of Orwell: Big Brother Next Gen

When George Orwell wrote his seminal work 1984, the predicted power of ‘Big Brother’ had audiences afraid and concerned for their future.  Was this work a literary, and literal, crystal ball?  Would our thoughts, actions and purchase decisions be scripted, pre-determined and governed by a wise and all knowing central body? Would the ‘truth’ and reality of our decisions as consumers be decided by that central body (or even by brands themselves)?


In fact, 60 years since 1984’s ominous inception, it’s people power – the sheer multitude of collective Little Brothers (and Sisters) – that rules and now largely claims media and public space.  Millions of consumers curate their own realities each and every day and, when just one of them looks for guidance, do they turn to Big Brother?


They turn to their peers.  And, out of the stream of data and expression consciousness, come answers, options, proposals, understanding and, yes, the occasional resistance or opposition. This is, after all, a space where individual truths are respected but also where single realities can hold enormous power and influence because…


We are powerful because we are accessible and offer our PersonalSpeak* continuously. Together, we verify and authenticate points of view that usefully serve not one Big Brother but scores of brands, corporate and government organisations.

As expressed by a ‘Tweeter’:
@ChangeEnactor the #web2.0 orwellian inversion. big brother steps aside to little brother by finding voice and relevance

Big Brother is still watching, however the Brother that will advance successfully toward 2020 will undoubtedly be the one who reaches into the pool of consciousness and applies their wisdom to the same, to illuminate betterment for themselves and for all.

Many in the audience were left actively questioning, and questioning the future:
@quinnnorton Inversion of 1984 sure, but I’m not sure Little Brother is a nicer master than Big Brother. #Ignite #NewsFoo

So, what do you think the future has in store for news, media and technology?

For a fabulous visual representation of the changing face of consumer power, take a walk through PeopleBrowsr Jodee Rich’s slideshare “The Future of News – An Orwellian Inversion”. We’d love to have you join the conversation. Tweet Us @PeopleBrowsr to share your thoughts.

*Term coined for this blog