manager or leader

Are You a Manager or Leader?

March 31, 2015

Shared via: They sound like the same thing, but it turns out they’re not. You could be a great manager, but does that make you a great CEO and the leader your company needs? The difference between an individual who can manage a business and effectively delegate tasks and someone who can do this […]

alansee CEO

Business Card of the Future?

March 29, 2015

By Matt MCcue The business card, once the networking star, is having trouble keeping pace in the lightning-speed digital world. These days the flimsy paper rectangle feels like it is better at collecting dust in your office drawer, rather than passing on contact information that leads to meaningful business relationships. Business cards only relay a […]


How Smart CEOs Use Social Tools to Their Advantage

March 23, 2015

Shared via: There is no doubt a social media revolution and it turns out CEOs are increasingly playing a part in it. The growing need for business transparency and subsequent increased customer loyalty is an imperative element of every new business. The importance of the CEO standing up at the podium and preaching to his/her […]


GoDaddy: Leading in an Emerging TLD Industry

March 22, 2015

  GoDaddy are a relatively new business and are now the world’s leading domain registrar. With the 2014 and 2015 release of new Top Level Domains (.Club, .CEO, .Best, .Wiki and many others), their market is about to go through the next phase of growth. After recently negotiating a vendor agreement with GoDaddy, we have […]


Three Rules for Building a Billion Dollar Venture

March 22, 2015

Shared via: The magic number for successful startups has skyrocketed over the past several decades. Not long ago there were few members of the $100 million club. Today, with global broadband networks reaching nearly everyone, markets are larger and so are the opportunities. Becoming a billion dollar success story isn’t confined only to Internet […]

Ryan Holmes CEO

CEOs are Innovators: Ryan Holmes

March 16, 2015

By Matt MCcue RyanHolmes.CEO Hootsuite founder and CEO Ryan Holmes grew up on a Canadian potato farm without electricity. He has since gone on to build the world’s most widely-used social media relationship platform. Today, his company Hootsuite has more than 10 million users and is used by 75% of the Fortune 1000 companies. Holmes […]


CEO: Chief Engagement Officer

March 12, 2015

By Lydia Dishman CEO stands for both Chief Executive Officer as well as Chief Engagement Officer. The lone leader in the big corner office of the old days has gone. In their place stands a vibrant leader with a focus on communication, branding, and community building. Dedication to these efforts boosts the CEO’s profile, it […]


How We Calculate Kred Influence

January 30, 2015

One of our goals with Kred is to always be transparent. A great place to start is assuring that everyone can understand their score, how it got to be what it is, and what actions will increase it. In this post, we’ll reveal how actions produce Influence Points and how those points are assembled to […]

.CEO Registry Video

CEO Registry featuring NYC, London, Women.CEO

December 7, 2014

New one minute video made by a Hollywood studio about our CEO Community, produced over 3 months in collaboration with over one hundred of our CEOs.