Social OS Developer Conference – Get Your App On Hundreds Of New Networks

By Priscilla Scala, September 24, 2013

PeopleBrowsr is hosting the inaugural
Social OS Developer Conference.

Wednesday, October 9
474 Bryant Street in SOMA

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Social OS
makes it easy to build the Next Generation of Social Apps

Multiple APIs
Built-in Monetization
Federated Authentications
Agyle Online Toolkits
Smart, Modular, Scalable, Real Time OS

Expand Your Reach To Hundreds Of New Social Networks

Thanks to new generic Top Level Domains launching in 2014, the Internet is about to receive over 500 purpose- and interest-based containers. Each “container” will be a focused Social Network built using the Social OS platform.

Google is already on board. Now we are giving you the ability to deploy apps on any brand network or personal network powered by Social OS.

Live Demonstration: Influencer Interest Networks in Action

Global brands and Influencers are already creating their own TLD-based Social Networks. Thousands of subscribers have already reserved personal domains. Soon they will be able to invite friends from across facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc to connect based on specific interests or locations.

We want your application to be available to these new Social Networks subscribers. Find out how you can reach millions of untapped users for your apps.

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Featured Speakers

Jodee Rich
Founder and CEO, PeopleBrowsr

Jodee Rich believes social media is creating a global collective consciousness that is rapidly shifting the power base from big business, religion and government to the global community.

Attendees will get a personal tour of the Social OS platform delivered by the creator himself.





Lukas Biewald

CoFounder and CEO, CrowdFlower

PeopleBrowsr and CrowdFlower partnered to build the Social OS Customer Service app.

Lukas has worked as a Senior Scientist and Manager at Powerset, Inc., a natural language search technology company later acquired by Microsoft. He also led the Search Relevance Team for Yahoo! Japan.




Kin Lane
API Evangelist

Kin is pretty much a man obsessed with Application Programming Interfaces. With over 20 years experience working in the technology space, Kin will be joining us to demonstrate how powerful and easy to use the Social OS API is.





John Lane
CEO, SpiderOak

PeopleBrowsr and SpiderOak have partnered to build the Social OS Vault app. John will be explaining the ins and outs of secure data storage on Social OS.




The PeopleBrowsr team will award developers attending the event access to the Social OS API 

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The event starts at 6pm sharp, followed by delicious, spicy, vegetarian curries!

Social OS Developer Conference
Wednesday, October 9
474 Bryant Street in SOMA

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