New dotCEO Top Level Domain enters General Availability

dotCEO Domains General Availability Announced

The New Internet for Leaders


San Francisco – Friday 28 March, 2014 – PeopleBrowsr, owner of the registry operator for new Top Level Domain dotCEO, has announced General Availability. dotCEO domain addresses and identities will be available for purchase at Noon (ET) on Friday, March 28 2014.

dotCEO (www.home.CEO) is positioned as the only TLD to convey authority and power. Over the last few weeks 100 of the Fortune 500 registered their dotCEO domains. 3,000 individual CEOs are on the wait list. More than 45,000 premium dotCEO domains will be released.

Jodee Rich (www.PeopleBrowsr.CEO), CEO of PeopleBrowsr said, “dotCEO is the powerful new domain Identity that defines your personal brand online. It is an address for leaders and entrepreneurs who want to control their brand and reputation.”

Top influencers across a broad scope of industries have requested their personal dotCEO domain identity. These leading CEOs include:

Hollywood Celebrity CatherineOxenberg.CEO - Former Dynasty actress and CEO of production company Holy Cow

LinkedIn Guru NealSchaffer.CEO - President of Maximize Your Social and featured in Forbes as one of the Top 5 Social Salespeople in the world

Top LinkedIn Influencer NaomiSimson.CEO - Blogger and Founder of online gift experience retailer, RedBalloon

Social Business Influencer AndrewGrill.CEO - Former Kred CEO and Global Partner at IBM Interactive Experience

PR and Marketing Leader Jennie-Marie.CEO - Founder of the first dedicated international marketing consultancy for Top Level Domain registries

Politician ChristineJones.CEO - Candidate for the Governor of Arizona and Former Executive Vice President at GoDaddy

Primetime TV Host JeffreyHayzlett.CEO - International marketing & public relations leader and current CEO of The Hayzlett Group

Domain Investor and Industry Guru MonteCahn.CEO - Co-Founder and President of Right of the Dot, LLC

Radio host DannahLewis.CEO - Speaker on Creation in Action and owner of Delicious LifeStyled

Leading Social Media Influencer BrianSolis.CEO - Founder and Executive Chairman of The Confidante

Agency CEO and Entrepreneur MattSingley.CEO - social media and advertising CEO of Singley + Mackie

Marketing Guru JeremySchoemaker.CEO - Co-founder of AuctionAds Service and Founder of and ShoeMoney Media

Leading Global Accounting Professional GlendaNixon.CEO - International Chairman and Managing Partner at Accru Felsers

New TLD Guru Ray King Portland.CEO - CEO of new TLD applicant Top Level Designs

dotCEO domains can be purchased through participating registrar partners including and (See below for list of other featured registrar partners.)

About PeopleBrowsr

dotCEO TLD is owned by PeopleBrowsr, the registry for dotBest and dotKred. Over the last 5 years, PeopleBrowsr has developed cloud and application based social analytics and social network technology, as well as a social datamine which includes a global database of Social conversations and profiles. The Datamine is one of the largest in the world and contains one trillion conversations and over 500 million social media profiles.

Media inquiries can be directed to JodeeRich@PeopleBrowsr.CEO


  1. dotCEO Identity Deck
  1. What is a TLD Video
  1. What is a TLD Deck
  1. Small Business dotCEO 1 min explainer video


Other Featured Registrar Partners

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CEO Influencer Summit NYC

dotCEO, a member of the PeopleBrowsr group, hosts the inaugural CEO NYC Influencer summit on 6 March

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Top Level Domains are about to change everything

Heads up – the Internet is about to completely change. There are now over 250 million domain addresses. In the next five years there will be over one Billion. Top Level Domains are about to change everything.

A Top Level Domain (TLD) is the bit at the very end of a web address. (dotCom, dotBiz, dotNet for instance.) Until now, the internet was dominated by dotCom. Many people think dotCom IS the Internet. In 2014, dotCom is about to become many dotThings – like dotGolf, dotLawyer, dotNYC, dotCooking, dotMom, even dotSexy… There will be TLDs to suit almost every personality and job. The opportunities they present for creating better, more descriptive online identities and personal brands are hugely exciting.

We produced this video to help explain the transformation that’s already underway.

Facebook has taught us to be friendly, Twitter to be open, Google to search, and smartphones to be always connected. Over the last 5 years, social media has become part of who we are.

We now express ourselves publicly. Everyone is cultivating their own personal brand – our online identity.- without even knowing it. What’s been missing is a single address to label who we are. The new internet and these new TLD Identities will turn your expression into your own web page and micro network.

dotCEO is the new Top Level Domain for leaders. The modern, social media savvy type who have a voice and want to control the message. dotCEO domains add a lot more value than a dotCom. dotCEO communicates instantly who you are to the world’s most powerful audience.

dotCEO online identities are for aspiring business leaders too. CEOs in the making should ask themselves where they will be in a few years, or even ten years time. You may not be your own boss today. A dotCEO domain identity lets tomorrow’s CEO manifest their future.

You can register your domain identity at For more information on new Top Level Domains PeopleBrowsr has also prepared a slideshare at

PeopleBrowsr is the creator of new TLDs dotCEO, dotBest and dotKred.
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ICANN 48 Interview with Jodee Rich


In this interview PeopleBrowsr CEO Jodee Rich sits down with Antony Van Couvering, CEO of Minds + Machines to discuss the promise of new gTLDs, how the internet is changing from domain names to network identities, and some interesting analogies from their own personal experiences.

What are The Typerwriter Days of the Internet?

What will the business card of the future look like?

How many new Top-Level Domains can the internet accommodate?

Press play to find out.







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What is a Top-Level Domain (TLD) Slideshare


Imagine it! An internet filled with contextually named websites such as,, or instead of websites all having boring old .com at the end.

Will the new TLDs be a boon for free-speech and self-expression, or a hopelessly confusing mess that’s doomed to fail?

We think the former, with PeopleBrowsr’s dotCEO, dotKRED and dotBEST TLDs leading the charge towards a freer, better and more colourful internet.

Check out the slideshare below starring Ron Burgundy, Angelina Jolie and some of our favorite 80s TV stars, and let us know what you think.

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dotCEO Buenos Aires Party Photos

Can you spot yourself in these photos?

Thanks again to everyone who joined us in Buenos Aires for the Minds + Machines and dotCEO Launch Party.

Over 300+ walked the red carpet at Madero Walk Eventos, many of whom will spot themselves in the shots below.

If you have any pictures that were taken that night, and would like us to add them on this page, send them through to jodeerichceo [at] peoplebrowsr [dot] com and we’ll add them to the canon.


dotCEO Party 10

dotCEO Party 5


dotCEO Party 9


dotCEO Party 2


dotCEO Party 1


dotCEO Party Jodee Presenting


dotCEO Party 4

dotCEO Party 8

dotCEO Party 3


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dotCEO 2 Min Celebrity Testimonial Video


Buenos Aires was awesome! Thank you to everyone who attended the huge Minds + Machines and dotCEO launch party.

We had 311 of ICANN’s best and brightest through the doors and gave away over 100 dotCEO polos.
(If you missed out, email jodeerichceo at peoplebrowsr.coma and we’ll send you one.)

Here is the link to the ‘I want to be a CEO’ video many of you asked for me to send through… And a first look for those of you who missed the party (or got lost on your way to the Madero Walk venue!) 



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All will be revealed at ICANN 48

In under a week, 300 of the TLD community’s best and brightest will descend on the beautiful Madero Walk Eventos for our huge Minds + Machines and PeopleBrowsr Party. We can’t wait to see you there!

The first 100 guests through the doors at 7pm will receive a free polo shirt.

Around 8pm, Antony Van Couvering of Minds + Machines will say a few brief words, followed by PeopleBrowsr CEO Jodee Rich, who will reveal for the very first time to the public the dotCEO Domain and Social Network.

For those of you who can’t wait til then, here’s a special sneak peak before The Big Reveal.


dotCEO | The Internet’s Most Exclusive Address.


 Map below is also available at

Madero Walk Eventos Map

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Party Calendar Buenos Aires ICANN 48

PeopleBrowsr Buenos Aires Party Calendar


Wow! Over 300 people have confirmed they’ll be partying with our team and Minds + Machines at Madero Walk Eventos. Thank you to everyone who’s already registered. We can’t wait to see you there! RSVP here if you haven’t already, and remember to tell your friends.

There are many other parties also happening throughout the week. We wouldn’t want you to miss out, so we’ve prepared a  PeopleBrowsr Buenos Aires Party Calendar listing every event, party and mixer that’s happening during ICANN 48.

We’ll be updating this post as often needed. If you know of any other events we’ve missed, email jodeerichceo [at] with the details.

Jodee Rich,
CEO PeopleBrowsr and dotCEO Registry Owner.


1. ICANN 15th Anniversary Celebration

Sunday, 17 November
Libertador AB

19:00 – 20:30

To find out more go here.


2. Trademark Clearinghouse Cocktail Reception

Sunday, 17 November
Casa Cruz
Uriarte 1658, Buenos Aires

19:30 – late

This exclusive event is limited to 100 attendees only on a first come first served basis. There’ll be a shuttle service from and to the convention center. To find out more or register click here.


3. Minds + Machines and dotCEO Party

Monday, 18 November
19:00 – 21:30

Madero Walk Eventos
Dique 1, Puerto Madero, Pierina Dealessi S/N
between Rosario Vera Peñaloza & Camila O’Gorman

Google Map:









Madero Walk Eventos Map


4. i2Coalition & eco International Networking Reception

Monday, 18 November
17:00 – 00:00

Centro Naval
Av. Cordoba 622
Buenos Aires 1054, Argentina

The networking reception will be an informal exchange of thoughts in a casual setting. Meet representatives of well-known companies in the domain industry in the relaxed atmosphere of Centro Naval. Buses depart from Sheraton Hotel to Centro Naval at 1700. Transportation between both venues will start at 1900.

To register email



5. The Fiesta.XYZ Party (invite only)

Monday, 18 November
21:00 – 00:00

La Terrasse Restaurant & Bar
Marriott Plaza Hotel
Florida St 1005,
C1005AAU Buenos Aires

The Party will take place on the rooftop terrace of the Plaza Hotel in Buenos Aires. Take in the city’s breathtaking view – with a cocktail in hand, of course. The Marriott Plaza Hotel is less than a quarter-mile (350 meters) away from the Sheraton Hotel & Convention Center, so those attending the conference can do the scenic walk at their leisure.



6. WeAre.Uno Party (invite only)

Tuesday, 19 November

20:00 – 00:00
The Clubhouse
Garage Costa Rica 4662
Buenos Aires,

The Argentinian Internet, and all its top players, celebrities, and influencers will be celebrating the beginning of the new era of the Latin Internet at WEARE.UNO. Enjoy a sizzling atmosphere in an attractive pool setting, complete with music and a taste of the regions’ best food and drink.


6. Music Night by PIR and Afilias

Tuesday, 19 November
20:30 – 00:00

Libertador AB

Music Night will be held at the Plaza Hotel just 2 steps away from the venue! Come enjoy the fun with live karaoke, dancing, and an open bar all night long! Sponsored by Public Interest Registry and Afilias Limited.


7. ICANN Gala Night

Wednesday, 20 November
19:30 – 00:00

Libertador AB


8. Wrap-Up Cocktail Evening

Thursday, 21 November
19:00 – 21:00

San Telmo Room

Your last chance to meet, greet and network in beautiful Buenos Aires before we pack up, head home, and get ready to do it all again for ICANN 49 in Singapore!

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Social OS Developer Conference – Get Your App On Hundreds Of New Networks

PeopleBrowsr is hosting the inaugural
Social OS Developer Conference.

Wednesday, October 9
474 Bryant Street in SOMA

Register free on Eventbrite

Social OS
makes it easy to build the Next Generation of Social Apps

Multiple APIs
Built-in Monetization
Federated Authentications
Agyle Online Toolkits
Smart, Modular, Scalable, Real Time OS

Expand Your Reach To Hundreds Of New Social Networks

Thanks to new generic Top Level Domains launching in 2014, the Internet is about to receive over 500 purpose- and interest-based containers. Each “container” will be a focused Social Network built using the Social OS platform.

Google is already on board. Now we are giving you the ability to deploy apps on any brand network or personal network powered by Social OS.

Live Demonstration: Influencer Interest Networks in Action

Global brands and Influencers are already creating their own TLD-based Social Networks. Thousands of subscribers have already reserved personal domains. Soon they will be able to invite friends from across facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc to connect based on specific interests or locations.

We want your application to be available to these new Social Networks subscribers. Find out how you can reach millions of untapped users for your apps.

Register today for the Social OS Developer Conference

Featured Speakers

Jodee Rich
Founder and CEO, PeopleBrowsr

Jodee Rich believes social media is creating a global collective consciousness that is rapidly shifting the power base from big business, religion and government to the global community.

Attendees will get a personal tour of the Social OS platform delivered by the creator himself.


Lukas Biewald

CoFounder and CEO, CrowdFlower

PeopleBrowsr and CrowdFlower partnered to build the Social OS Customer Service app.

Lukas has worked as a Senior Scientist and Manager at Powerset, Inc., a natural language search technology company later acquired by Microsoft. He also led the Search Relevance Team for Yahoo! Japan.

Kin Lane
API Evangelist

Kin is pretty much a man obsessed with Application Programming Interfaces. With over 20 years experience working in the technology space, Kin will be joining us to demonstrate how powerful and easy to use the Social OS API is.



John Lane
CEO, SpiderOak

PeopleBrowsr and SpiderOak have partnered to build the Social OS Vault app. John will be explaining the ins and outs of secure data storage on Social OS.




The PeopleBrowsr team will award developers attending the event access to the Social OS API 

Register here to claim your place at the Social OS Developer Summit.

The event starts at 6pm sharp, followed by delicious, spicy, vegetarian curries!

Social OS Developer Conference
Wednesday, October 9
474 Bryant Street in SOMA

Don’t miss out! Space is limited. Register now.

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